Friday, 11 October 2013

Post Thirteen b5

In flamenco the use of the harmonic minor scale adds colour to the minor and is used often. So you can add the harmonic minor when you are playing A minor and it will sound good. This extra note in the Am scale the Ab can also be used in other modes. When used in the Dorian mode another popular mode in rock music we find we have a b5. This is a very dark note in the scale and one effective exponent was Black Sabbath though it has been around since the first blues players. It is a popular tonal variation in rock music and is vital in your repertoire. This note needs to be learnt all over the fret board in all the positions.

This explanation exposes the D Dorian scale as an important full scale when playing blues because the b5 rightly belongs to this mode. In playing in any key my first option is to have my tonal center as the Dorian if I am playing in a minor key.

A Harmonic Minor and the b5 on D Dorian

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