Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Post Eleven - Know your fret board

Know your fretboard!
Our first step is to be able to play the Am Pentatonic all over the fret board, with an understanding of where the additional notes are so that we can use them at will.

So the fret board now looks like this:

Even though you can change scales to match the change of chord it is better, if you want to set yourself up to be a good player learn, to sing the notes so that when you change chord you know what you want to play rather than just playing a new position. This will make a big difference.

By singing the melody you play, you will automatically be phasing the solo, rather than running through your positions. You will be making melodic statements that people will hear and notice. Practice by singing the Pentatonic scale and then adding the additional notes. It does not matter if you can sing or pitch the notes it’s the intention of pushing the notes into a musical form that is important.

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